Lamborghini Urus - The SUV super athlete (unveil)

President of Lamborghini, Stephan Winkelmann, launches the new Lamborghini Urus at the Volkswagen Group Night in Beijing, China, April 22, 2012

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Nissan Sport Sedan Concept Makes World Debut at 2014 NAIAS

DETROIT (Jan. 13, 2014) - Nissan today provided an advanced look at its future design direction with the world debut of the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept during a press conference at the 2014 North American International Auto Show.

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Introducing Nissan's Sport Sedan Concept

Design has long been a differentiator between Nissan and its competitors -- along with performance, innovation and technology. Now, as the company celebrates its 80th anniversary, it is doing so with the world debut of the Nissan Sport Sedan Concept at the 2014 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

The Sport Sedan Concept, a design study with a particular emphasis on next-generation design and sporty style, was created to embody the essence of a true sports sedan -- that rare execution of 4-door sedan with the aura of a real sports car. It previews a future production vehicle intended for owners with a passion for cutting-edge design and driving dynamics.

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NISMO Festival 2013

日産のモータースポーツの祭典「NISMO FESTIVAL」が2年ぶりに開催!日本晴れの富士スピードウェイに詰めかけた3万-2千人のファンを魅了しました。Nissan motorsports fan event, NISMO Festival was held at the legendary Fuji Speedway showcasing the 80 years of performance heritage, attracting 32,000 fans.

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Nissan Debuts IDx NISMO and IDx Freeflow Co-creation Concepts

Nissan today unveiled a pair of concept cars with radically different characteristics, created by a new approach to product development, that together offer a new take on authenticity.

The IDx concepts on the Nissan stand at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show are case studies. The first is a casual/lifestyle-focused vision, the IDx Freeflow. The second is IDx NISMO, an ultra-sporty model of the future that looks as if it came directly from a driving simulator.

IDx NISMO and IDx Freeflow show how Nissan is using a new and innovative product development methods to meet the needs of younger customers who have novel, exciting ideas, and engage with them to build the cars they want.

The co-creation product development approach requires input from consumers. It was designed to appeal to "digital natives," the generation born after 1990, and integrates their feedback into the creation process. Nissan thinks this approach could have real applications in the near future.

This co-creation activity led to the development of the two IDx concepts cars, each with their own unique identity, yet aligning with the values and preferences and desire for authenticity, of the mainly digital native collaborative community that helped create them.

Watch the video for the inside story.

ラベル:NISSAN IDx Concept
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Nissan's BladeGlider to Debut at Tokyo Motor Show

Nissan BladeGlider, debuting at the Tokyo Motor Show, is both the future direction of Nissan electric vehicles and an exploratory prototype of the Nissan ZEOD RC from the world's leading EV manufacturer.

The project, led by Francois Bancon, division general manager of Product Strategy and Product Planning at Nissan, has developed a deltoid-shape vehicle with a narrow front track that challenges the orthodoxy that has dominated the roads since the earliest days of the internal combustion engine.

"The goal was to revolutionize the architecture of the vehicle to provoke new emotions, provide new value and make visible for consumers how Zero Emissions can help redefine our conception of vehicle basics," said Bancon.

BladeGlider has its conceptual roots in the soaring, silent, panoramic freedom of a glider and the triangular shape of a high performance "swept wing" aircraft, looking to achieve low drag while generating road-hugging downforce.

BladeGlider shares sustainable engineering values with both Nissan LEAF and the Nissan ZEOD RC (Zero Emission On Demand Racing Car), which will run at next year's Le Mans 24 Hour race.

With its narrow, 1.0-meter lightweight front track and wide, stable rear track, BladeGlider's front wheels reduce drag and enhance maneuverability for high G cornering power, assisted by a 30/70 front/rear weight distribution ratio.

Aerodynamic downforce is created by the highly rigid yet lightweight carbon-fiber underbody, hence the lack of drag-inducing wings.

When BladeGlider matures into a production car, it could be Nissan's first use of in-wheel motors. The in-wheel motors provide rear-wheel propulsion with independent motor management, while also contributing to freedom of upper body design and space-efficient packaging.

To power the electric motors, BladeGlider employs Nissan's innovative lithium-ion battery technology, with the modules mounted low and toward the rear to enhance stability and handling.

Its tightly streamlined body comprises a tough and structurally-optimized chassis wrapped in ultra-lightweight, yet strong and stiff, carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) finished in a pearlescent white color that evokes the pristine freedom of a glider.

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ラベル:Infiniti Q60 QX60 QX70 Car
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Korn im VISIONS Blinddate fueled by Civic

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Infiniti Q30 Concept

ラベル:Infiniti Q30 Concept Car
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Taking Q50 for a Ride

CEO Carlos Ghosn takes the new Infiniti Q50 for a road test, as production begins in Japan

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NIssan GT-R 2013 Hits the Powder

NISSAN GT-R 2013年モデルの雪上での性能を検証します。
Nissan's 2013 GT-R is a monster on pavement, but how does it handle on snow? At the Nissan testing ground in Rikubetsu, northern Japan, we find out.

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Juke NISMO Interviews 4: Shinji Sasaki CD

2013年2月ジューク日に発売される「ジュークNISMO」の関係者へのロングイン-タビューをシリーズでご紹介。最終回第4弾はチーフデザイナーの佐々木真治です。「意-味の無い空力パーツは一切無い」-- 性能に裏付けられたデザインに徹底的にこだわった自信作です!

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The Future of Auto Innovation for Nissan Takes Shape in Silicon Valley

SUNNYVALE, Calif.- (Feb. 18, 2013) -- Nissan now has a new research center in the heart of Silicon Valley. Company leaders said they plan to partner with other companies and research institutions to develop the best and most advanced technology possible.

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The All-New Infiniti Q50 - Distinctive Design

The designers of the Infiniti Q50, along with President of Infiniti Global Johan de Nysschen and Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura, reveal the inspiration behind the design details of the Q50.

ラベル:Infiniti Q50 Car
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Juke NISMO Interviews 3: Noboru Kaneko CVE


ラベル:juke nismo NISSAN
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ジューク ニスモ  ※欧州仕様車です。



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Juke NISMO Interviews 2: Hiroshi Tamura CPS


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Juke NISMO Interviews 1: Michael Krumm (日本語)


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Boeing's Unmanned Little Bird: Flexible autonomy from land and sea

Learn more about the Unmanned Little Bird - http://youtu.be/undX_rxY-dQ Boeing's Unmanned Little Bird H-6U is neither your average rotorcraft nor your average unmanned airborne system (UAS). Unlike a traditional helicopter, it can fly without a pilot in the cockpit. And, contrary to its name, Unmanned Little Bird can be flown either fully or partially manned, making it an ideal platform to train users and flight-test UAS technologies.

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Nissan Qashqai Connect

Discover brand new campaign for Nissan Qashqai crossover and its new system Nissan Connect, including music, GPS & Around View Monitor for a new driving experience.
Agency (CP/AD/ CD): TBWA
Production company : Moonwalk (Julien Sanson)
Directors: Thomas Garber
Editor : Stéphane Pereira
Post-Producer: Olivier Dechartres
Team Mikros image
Vfx Producer: Christophe Huchet
Head of Vfx : Stéphane Pivron
Vfx Shooting Supervisor: Stéphane Pivron, Alexandre Rouil
Head of 3d Studio & commercials: Julien Meesters
CGI Supervisor : Guillaume Hô
Matte painting Supervisor : Christophe Courgeau
Motion graphic : Jean-Yves Parent, Michael Moercant
Compositing : Mathias Barday, Eric Hupin, Guillaume Dadaglio
Matte painting : Alex Rouil, Carole Chanal, Guillaume Provot, Benjamin Bardou
Tracking : Xavier Goubin, Emmanuel Denis
Rotoscopy : Estelle Cheneau, Julien Pinot, Thomas Chene
Flame: Stéphane Pivron

ラベル:NISSAN Qashqai
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