Zimoun : 1944 prepared dc-motors, mdf panels 72x72 cm, metal discs Ø 8 cm, 2020

1944 prepared dc-motors, mdf panels 72x72 cm, metal discs Ø 8 cm

Zimoun 2020

Installation view: Warehouse Jaeger-LeCoultre, Geneva, Switzerland

This installation was commissioned by Jaeger-LeCoultre and produced in collaboration with Tetro.



1944 small motors put the same number of thin metal discs into rotating movements. These movements produce sounds as well as strong visual characteristics and structures. The sounds are created by the friction of the metal discs on their base. Each metal disc rotates in its own individual cycle and rhythm. This results in complex visual and acoustic overlays and cyclical shifts. The resulting noise and visual effects are very lively and in constant change in their microstructures, reminding some of us of phenomena from nature. 

All the motors are supplied with the same current. This would cause all motors to rotate at the same speed, theoretically. But practically, since all the wires on which the metal discs are placed on are handmade, each of these wires is slightly different. These differences let the rotations of the discs differ from each other and due to this slight variations the discs move individually. Some lie flatter on the panel, others rotate faster. This creates a complex individuality and each element develops its own characteristics. This individuality affects both the visual and acoustic properties of this work. The simultaneous simplicity in function and the resulting complexity in behaviour is a central particularity of Zimoun's work. 

The discs, all moving at different speeds, reflect the light in certain positions. This results in a kind of flickering, similar to the effect we know from water surfaces. «The discs seem to appear and dissolve again and it feels as if movements spread over the whole surface of the work and interact with each other. It shows us how we construct our alleged reality ourselves. We begin to relate things to each other and can recognise apparent interactions. In fact, these relationships and complex processes only occur in our minds.» as Zimoun describes. Standing in front of the work, it feels almost digital, although at the same time there is a strong reference to the physical materials.

Zimoun develops and realises his works together with his team of assistants in the studio in Bern, Switzerland. For more than 15 years now, Studio Zimoun has been following a strict recycling and minimal-waste policy, reusing the materials used over and over again to be manipulated, modified and reintroduced in new works. For the first time in use are the metal discs, which come from the Jaeger-LeCoultre production site. «We discovered this material during a visit to the Jaeger- LeCoultre workshops. I was immediately attracted by the beautiful roughness, the very thin texture and the visual variations of this material. I liked the idea of integrating into this new work a raw material that is normally used in the production of Jaeger-LeCoultre's watches. After a series of tests and experiments in the studio, we decided on this type of material, its thickness and size.» says Zimoun.


Further Information and Works:

Compilation video: https://www.vimeo.com/7235817

Next exhibitions: https://www.zimoun.net/exhibitions

Website: https://www.zimoun.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiozimoun/



ラベル:Installation Zimoun
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Zimoun : 52 prepared dc-motors, 364 cardboard boxes 40x40x40 cm, 2020

52 prepared dc-motors, 364 cardboard boxes 40x40x40 cm

Zimoun 2020

Installation view: Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken, Germany.



Compilation video: https://www.vimeo.com/7235817

Next exhibitions: https://www.zimoun.net/exhibitions

Website: https://www.zimoun.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiozimoun/



ラベル:Installation Zimoun 2020
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Zimoun : 336 prepared dc-motors, 1412m rope, wooden blocks 5x5x8cm, 2019

336 prepared dc-motors, 1412m rope, wooden blocks 5x5x8cm

Zimoun 2019

Installation view: Museum of Contemporary Art MAC, Santiago de Chile.


Compilation video: http://www.vimeo.com/7235817

Next exhibitions: http://www.zimoun.net/exhibitions

Website: http://www.zimoun.net

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/studiozimoun/



ラベル:art Installation
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GrossDomesticProduct™ - Banksy Installation

Filmed 1st October 2019 between 00:00-01:00

ラベル:Banksy Massive Attack
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Mirages et miracles - trailer

English below.


Mirages & miracles / Exposition / Création décembre 2017, Les Subsistances, Lyon, France.

Une série d’installations qui abritent un animisme numérique.

Les œuvres, du petit au grand format, offrent toutes une coïncidence finement organisée entre virtuel et matériel : dessins augmentés, dispositifs d’illusions holographiques, casques de réalité virtuelle, projections grande échelle. Elles donnent à vivre un ensemble de scénarios improbables qui tiennent à la fois du mirage et du miracle, qui jouent à la frontière entre le vrai et le faux, l’animé et l’inanimé, l’authentique et l’imposture, la magie, le merveilleux, et l’inouï.


Mirages & miracles / Live Exhibition / New work December 2017, Les Subsistances, Lyon, France.

Series of installations inhabited by digital animism.

Ranging from small to large-scale work, this corpus of installations offers a delicate coincidence between the virtual and the material using augmented drawings, holographic illusions, virtual-reality headsets, large-scale projections. It offers a unique ensemble of improbable scenarios that takes root in both the mirage and the miracle, and plays with the boundaries between true and false, the animate and the inanimate, the authentic and the deceptive, the magical, the wondrous, and the indescriptible.


Conception et direction artistique : Claire Bardainne et Adrien Mondot

Dessin : Claire Bardainne

Conception informatique : Adrien Mondot

Développement informatique : Rémi Engel

Composition et conception sonore : Olivier Mellano

Danse : Bérangère Fournier, Samuel Faccioli, Akiko Kajihara

Régie d'exposition : Laurent Cuzin, Elvire Tapie

Menuiserie : DeFacto / Julien Quartier, Charles Robin — Atelier Gautier

Serrurerie acier : Mathieu Laville, Rémy Mangevaud, Elvis Dagier

Serrurerie aluminium : Teviloj / Ludovic Laffay

Lithographie : URDLA

Sérigraphie : Olivier Bral

Impression : Artprint

Verre soufflé : Nicolas Sartor

Direction technique : Alexis Bergeron

Administration : Marek Vuiton

Production et diffusion : Joanna Rieussec

Production : Margaux Fritsch, Delphine Teypaz


Adrien M & Claire B


2 Pôles cirque en Normandie / La Brèche à Cherbourg – Cirque Théâtre d’Elbeuf

Scène nationale d’Albi

Les Subsistances, Lyon

Lux, scène nationale de Valence

Espace Jean Legendre, Théâtre de Compiègne – Scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration

Arenberg Creative Mine – Communauté d’Agglomération de La Porte du Hainaut


Fonds [SCAN], Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes


Les Subsistances, Lyon

Villa Médicis, Rome (Italie)

URDLA - centre international estampe & livre, Villeurbanne

UrbanLab, Lyon

La compagnie Adrien M & Claire B est conventionnée par la DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes,

par la Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et soutenue par la Ville de Lyon.

Photos © Romain Etienne et Adrien M & Claire B

Prochaines présentations :

6 décembre - 22 décembre 2017 aux Subsistances, Lyon (France)

6 janvier - 25 février 2018 à Lux, scène nationale de Valence (France)

9 mars - 8 avril 2018 à L’Athanor, Scène Nationale d’Albi (France)

Printemps 2019 à l’ Espace Jean Legendre, Théâtre de Compiègne – Scène nationale de l’Oise en préfiguration

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Zimoun : 28 prepared dc-motors, 168 m hemp cord, 279 m2 paper, 2018

28 prepared dc-motors, 168 m hemp cord, 279 m² paper

Zimoun 2018

Installation View: Kontejner Zagreb, Croatia.


Compilation Video: http://www.vimeo.com/7235817

Next Exhibitions: http://www.zimoun.net/events.html

Newsletter: http://www.zimoun.net/newsletter.html

Video Archive on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/search/sort:popularity?q=zimoun

Website: http://www.zimoun.net

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Zimoun/



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::vtol:: orbitalochka

Kinetic sound object. Model of artificial satellite of the Earth / inhabited sound art space station. The apparatus is a system for a research of sound swirling of anthroposphere. The device works in autonomous and extremely abstract way. Featuring a built-in radio FM transmitter, it transmits radio signals at frequency 99mHz being available for all inhabitants of the Earth.

more info - http://vtol.cc/filter/works/orbitalochka

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the finger

Performance for touch and sound.

Sonohaptic (by Jakub Koźniewski) is a machine that links tactile sensations with sound by moving the robotic head equipped with piezo sensor along the arm of the person, picking up tiny vibrations translating them to audio. One-finger (by ::vtol::) is a wireless controller allows to produce sound by using just one finger equipped with various sensors. The two combined allow to control the sonohaptic movements with movement of the finger of the performer - who touches another person trough a machine thus producing „sonohaptical” experience.

more info - http://vtol.cc/filter/works/the-finger


::vtol:: [RU]

Jakub Kozniewski (member of panGenerator) [PL]

CTM festival MusicMakers Hacklab, Berlin 2015

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R x2 by ::vtol:: and anastasiya alekhina

Kinetic sound installation.

Computer algorithm collects from Internet the data on power and depth of shocks in planet's crust and captures all the earthquakes above 0.1 (Richter magnitude scale). On an average day there are up to 200 of such shocks. This data is converted into signals that control the motors which are attached to Thunder Drum acoustic drums.

more info - http://vtol.cc/filter/works/r-x2


anastasia alekhina


Mars Gallery, Moscow, 2015

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::vtol:: i/o

ASCII art typewriter selfie machine

more info - http://vtol.cc/filter/works/i-o

video: Milya Musina, ::vtol

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::vtol:: rav

interactive audio-visual installation

There exists ambivalent attitude towards amber from the point of view of electronics – on one side, it’s an ideal dielectric, from another side, it gave the name to all “electricity”. The main idea of the project is to use amber at the same time as decoration and as non-standard conductor of data, which so to say implements the poetic “amberization” of information and as a result, of the visitors’ portraits.

The visitor makes a self-portrait which is transformed into the data flow represented by flashes which are transmitted through large pieces of amber. Every portrait is transformed into a low-resolution picture, where every pixel has 256 gradations of brightness. The information about pixels’ brightness is further transferred as flashes of light through the pieces of amber and is perceived by a photoresistor. A special screen is showing the image appearing pixel by pixel; this image is later printed on a photo printer. The speakers which supplement the installation emit sounds which correspond to the brightness of each pixel.

Made for an exhibition “Russian Amber”, Museum of Moscow, 2015.

more information and images - http://vtol.cc/filter/works/rav

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