Metalgear Rising Revengeance - RAIDEN

Metalgear Rising Revengeance - RAIDEN




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S.I.C. キカイダー

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Nissan IDS Concept

At the Tokyo Motor Show 2015, Nissan unveiled a concept vehicle that embodies Nissan’s vision of the future of autonomous driving and zero emission EVs: the Nissan IDS Concept.

Presenting at the show, Nissan president and CEO Carlos Ghosn said: “Nissan’s forthcoming technologies will revolutionize the relationship between car and driver, and future mobility.”

After leading the development and expansion of EV technology, Nissan once again stands at the forefront of automotive technology. By integrating advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI), Nissan is among the leaders developing practical, real-world applications of autonomous drive technology.

In August 2013, Ghosn said that by 2020 Nissan plans to equip innovative autonomous drive technology on multiple vehicles. Progress is well on track to achieve this goal.

Nissan Intelligent Driving is Nissan’s concept of autonomous drive technology and represents what Nissan believes next-generation vehicles should be. “Nissan Intelligent Driving improves a driver’s ability to see, think and react. It compensates for human error, which causes more than 90 percent of all car accidents. As a result, time spent behind the wheel is safer, cleaner, more efficient and more fun,” said Ghosn.

Some have compared a future with autonomous drive to living in a world of conveyer belts that simply ferry people from point A to B, but the Nissan IDS Concept promises a very different vision of tomorrow. Even when the driver selects Piloted Drive and turns over driving to the vehicle, the car's performance−from accelerating to braking to cornering−imitates the driver’s own style and preferences.

In Manual Drive mode, the driver has control. The linear acceleration and cornering are pure and exhilarating. Yet behind the scenes, the Nissan IDS Concept continues to provide assistance. Sensors continually monitor conditions and assistance is available even while the driver is in control. In the event of imminent danger, Nissan IDS Concept will assist the driver in taking evasive action.

In addition to learning, the Nissan IDS Concept's AI communicates like an attentive partner. From information concerning traffic conditions, the driver’s schedule to personal interests, Nissan IDS Concept’s AI has what is needed to help create a driving experience that is comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

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US Stryker & Romanian Gepard Anti-aircraft Tank River Crossing

Footage of U.S. Army Stryker Combat Vehicles and Armata României Flakpanzer Gepard Anti-aircraft gun crossing a river in Romania.

AiirSource covers events and missions from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens - Poster.


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Jeremy Howard:The wonderful and terrifying implications of computers that can learn

コンピューターに学び方を教えた時何が起きるのでしょう? 科学技術者であるジェレミー・ハワードが急速に発展しているディープ・ラーニングの分野で起きている驚くべきことを紹介してくれます。コンピューターが中国語を学び、写真に写っている物を認識し、医療診断をする。(あるディープ・ラーニング・プログラムは何時間ものYouTubeビデオを見た後、「猫」の概念を自ら学び取りました。) この分野の最新動向を押さえておくことにしましょう。それは私達の身の回りのコンピューターの振る舞いを変えることになるでしょうから・・・あなたが思っているよりも早く。

What happens when we teach a computer how to learn? Technologist Jeremy Howard shares some surprising new developments in the fast-moving field of deep learning, a technique that can give computers the ability to learn Chinese, or to recognize objects in photos, or to help think through a medical diagnosis. (One deep learning tool, after watching hours of YouTube, taught itself the concept of “cats.”) Get caught up on a field that will change the way the computers around you behave … sooner than you probably think.

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Nick Bostrom:What happens when our computers get smarter than we are?


Artificial intelligence is getting smarter by leaps and bounds − within this century, research suggests, a computer AI could be as "smart" as a human being. And then, says Nick Bostrom, it will overtake us: "Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make." A philosopher and technologist, Bostrom asks us to think hard about the world we're building right now, driven by thinking machines. Will our smart machines help to preserve humanity and our values − or will they have values of their own?

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Tal Danino:Programming bacteria to detect cancer (and maybe treat it)

合成生物学者のタル・ダニノは、最も発見が難しいガンの1つ肝臓ガンに関して、主流から離れた考えを持っています。それは、プログラムされた細菌の内服で肝臓ガンを検出できるようにする、というものです。 彼は、細菌に関して私たちがやっと理解し始めた事を用いています:クオラムセンシングでの細菌の効力、また、一旦、細菌濃度が臨界値に達すると細菌が協働し合う性質を利用することです。TEDフェローのダニノは、クオラムセンシングがどのように働くのかを説明し、細菌が巧妙に相互作用する性質を利用する事で、ガン治療を変える日が来るだろうと語ります。

Liver cancer is one of the most difficult cancers to detect, but synthetic biologist Tal Danino had a left-field thought: What if we could create a probiotic, edible bacteria that was "programmed" to find liver tumors? His insight exploits something we're just beginning to understand about bacteria: their power of quorum sensing, or doing something together once they reach critical mass. Danino, a TED Fellow, explains how quorum sensing works − and how clever bacteria working together could someday change cancer treatment.

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D&Diesel with Vin Diesel (Extended Version)

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Join Vin Diesel as he sits down with Geek and Sundry and Nerdist for a game of Dungeons and Dragons!

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Leon: The Professional Trailer

Supreme Cinema Series Available October 27th!

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PUSCIFER "MONEY SHOT" official video

Directed by Tim Cadiente and Puscifer. Edited by Michael Marlett. Featuring Luchafer, The Flying Caliente Brothers, Clifton Collins Jr. and Jacob Vargas. Money Shot is available Oct. 30 with pre-orders available now both digitally: http://apple.co/1Qy66QW and physically: http://bit.ly/1jErZmL (CD) and http://bit.ly/1Rdn7jf (vinyl).

On tour this Fall:
November 1 Phoenix, AZ Monster Mash Festival
November 3 Dallas, TX Majestic Theatre
November 4 Austin, TX Bass Concert Hall
November 5 San Antonio, TX Tobin Center
November 7 New Orleans, LA Saenger Theatre
November 8 Atlanta, GA Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center
November 10 Charlotte, NC Ovens Auditorium
November 11 Bethesda, MD Strathmore Theatre
November 12 Boston, MA The Orpheum Theatre
November 14 New Haven, CT Shubert Theatre
November 15 Philadelphia, PA The Fillmore
November 17 New York, NY Terminal 5
November 18 Albany, NY Palace Theatre
November 20 Cincinnati, OH Taft Theatre
November 21 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre
November 22 Kansas City, MO Arvest Bank Theatre
November 24 Denver, CO Bellco Theatre
November 25 Salt Lake City, UT Kingsbury Hall
November 28 Portland, OR Keller Auditorium
November 29 Spokane, WA INB Performing Arts Center
November 30 Calgary, AB Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
December 2 Vancouver, BC Queen Elizabeth Theatre
December 3 Seattle, WA Paramount Theatre
December 5 Fresno, CA Warnors Theatre
December 6 Santa Barbara, CA Arlington Theatre
December 8 Oakland, CA Fox Theater
December 10 Los Angeles, CA Ace Theatre
December 11 Los Angeles, CA Ace Theatre
December 12 Las Vegas, NV The Pearl Concert Theater
December 14 Prescott, AZ Yavapai College

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ORIGIN live at Saint Vitus Bar, Oct 1st, 2015 (FULL SET)

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US Combat Helicopters Landing in Middle of Urban Lamp Post - AH-1 SuperCobra / UH-1Y Huey in Phoenix

US Marines AH-1W (Based on the AH-1 SuperCobra) and UH-1 Huey helicopter landing in the city of Phoenix for the Marine Week Phoenix.

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F-35C Completes Sea Trials Aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower

The F-35 Lightning II Pax River Integrated Test Force (ITF) completed its second F-35C developmental test (DT-II) phase Oct. 10, 2015. DT-II was conducted aboard the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN 69). During the tests, the team completed 66 catapults and 66 arrestments across 17 flights, logged 26.5 flight hours and achieved a total of 280 flight test points and 17 logistics test and evaluation test points. The testing was completed six days ahead of schedule. Learn more: https://www.f35.com/news/detail/the-c...

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TRANSFORM: Nature and Machine by MIT Media Lab | Tangible Media Group

TRANSFORM fuses technology and design to celebrate its transformation from a piece of still furniture to a dynamic machine driven by a stream of data and energy. 

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Kinetic Blocks

Pin-based shape displays not only give physical form to digital information, they have the inherent ability to accurately move and manipulate objects placed on top of them. In this paper we focus on such object manipulation: we present ideas and techniques that use the underlying shape change to give kinetic ability to otherwise inanimate objects. First, we describe the shape display’s ability to assemble, disassemble, and reassemble structures from simple passive building blocks through stacking, scaffolding, and catapulting. A technical evaluation demonstrates the reliability of the presented techniques. Second, we introduce special kinematic blocks that are actuated and sensed through the underlying pins. These blocks translate vertical pin movements into other degrees of freedom like rotation or horizontal movement. This interplay of the shape display with objects on its surface allows us to render otherwise inaccessible forms, like overhangs, and enables richer input and output.

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Close Air Support With Marine Corps' AH-1Z Attack Helicopter

U.S. Marine Corps AH-1Z Vipers conduct an offensive air support exercise during Weapons and Tactics Instructor Course (WTI) 1-16 at Mt. Barrow, Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, California.

AiirSource℠ covers events and missions from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard.

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KoRn - Need To (Live At The Palace 1995)

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KoRn - Ball Tongue (Live At The Palace 1995)

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